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Not bound by convention, we’re transforming the approach to mental health in Georgia.

Commuter Program

Tailored for those juggling daily responsibilities alongside mental health care, our commuter program extends flexibility and support to both adults and adolescents.

Evidence-Based Therapies

Time Wellness Georgia stands out among mental health facilities in Georgia, utilizing evidence-based therapies to provide top-tier care and facilitate recovery.

Modern Facilities

Discover a haven of healing and comfort at our Brookhaven-based mental health retreat in Georgia, ideally situated for metro Atlanta residents.

GeneSight Testing

At Time Wellness Georgia, GeneSight testing provides an innovative solution for tailored medication management, crucial for effective behavioral health treatment.

Free Consultation

Schedule your free consultation day with Time Wellness Georgia and start your path towards lasting recovery.

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Alumni Program

Participate in our quarterly events and bi-weekly ‘Pizza and Process’ groups, offering continued support after treatment.

Addressing Causes, Crafting Solutions

What We Treat


Alleviate the burden of depression and Receive personalized support at our specialized treatment center in Atlanta

Anxiety Disorders 

Discover tranquility and acquire strategies to navigate anxiety at Time Wellness Atlanta, a premier provider of behavioral health in Georgia.

Bipolar Disorder

Restore equilibrium with our dedicated bipolar disorder treatments, available at one of Georgia’s esteemed mental health facilities.


Regain your identity and embrace cutting-edge care with our advanced therapeutic approaches in schizophrenia treatment.

Trauma and PTSD 

Renew your sense of security and confidence through personalized care for trauma and PTSD at Time Wellness Atlanta.

Personality Disorder

Develop a resilient, more adaptive self with our custom personality disorder treatments at our mental health clinic in Georgia.

High-Quality, Top-rated

Mental Health Treatment

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Life Skills
Brain Tap
Adolescent Eveninig IOP

Adolescent Mental Health Treatment in Atlanta

Discover the support your teen needs without interrupting their education. Our Adolescent Evening IOP Program is specifically designed for teens learning to manage mental health symptoms.


The Word of Our Patients

  • Time Wellness Atlanta is doing something truly amazing. The staff is some of the best in the country, the facilities are outstanding, and they live up to their name by dedicating as much “Time” as needed to help their clients regain their well being!

    – Jamie Richey
  • As a professional in the mental health field, I can confidently attest to the high standard of care and dedication exhibited by the staff at Time Wellness ATL. Their compassionate approach creates a supportive environment for clients on their journey to wellness. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking exceptional mental health support!

    – Graham Knaub
  • Time Wellness is an excellent facility to get control of your life back. The staff is excellent, the facility is great, they offer several additional options for therapy along with group therapy. I would highly recommend the facility if your mental health is not where it should be.

    – Ursula White
  • Time is an amazing place the love they show the clients is amazing! They have the best culture in mental health care out there, I’m so grateful that they exist to help others find the freedom they desire!

    – Rayanna Shaw
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    We believe in you

    At Time Wellness Georgia, we’re dedicated to delivering personalized mental health care tailored to your unique journey towards wellness. Explore how we can support your journey to improved mental health in Georgia, with each step guided by compassion and expertise.

    Our Signature Programs

    Our Speciality Program Tracks

    Mood Disorder Track

    Discover our dedicated program for mood disorders, distinct from our general offerings, designed to meet the unique challenges of these conditions.

    Thought Disorder Track

    We offer a unique approach when treating thought disorders and understand the specifics needs of those clients.

    Trauma Disorder Track

    Learn why our trauma program is your best choice for long-term success & healing from

    Insights & Inspiration

    Latest News & Articles in Mental Health

    What Causes Paranoia in Adults?

    July 15, 2024
    Paranoia is a mental state characterized by intense mistrust and suspicion of others without sufficient evidence. It can begin at any age, but it often starts in early adulthood. Understanding what causes paranoia in adults is very important for addressing the condition effectively. Various factors, including genetics, brain chemistry, and life experiences, can contribute to […]

    Exploring the Impact of Social Media on Teen Mental Health in Georgia

    July 8, 2024
    Since its arrival in the early 2000s, it has been clear social media is here to stay. It has changed the way we work, study, and relate to each other. Social media and internet use have been on the radar of mental health professionals for a long time now. When we talk about teenagers, social media […]

    Childhood Trauma and Its Consequences: What Mental Disorders Are Caused By Childhood Trauma?

    July 1, 2024
    Childhood trauma can cause a number of issues with physical and mental health. When evaluating trauma in general, it is a good practice to consider the perception of the individual experience. However, childhood trauma, at least in scientific study, is generally the label scientists assign when there is physical or emotional abuse/neglect or sexual abuse […]
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