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Time Wellness Georgia offers a mental health partial hospitalization program designed to help you in finding your path to long-term healing and stability.

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Understanding Your Options

Quality Mental Health Treatment in Atlanta

If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness and are looking for effective treatment, our PHP mental health Atlanta program can be an excellent option.

This type of service is designed to help people with severe and persistent mental illnesses (such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression) who aren’t able to function safely at home or in their community. With PHP, you’ll attend group therapy sessions and participate in activities designed to help build your skills and confidence while learning how to manage your symptoms effectively in the community. Partial hospitalization helps patients improve their quality of life by assisting them in learning new coping strategies that could lead to increased productivity at home and work. Time Wellness Georgia can start your Atlanta PHP mental health treatment today.

Call Time Wellness Goergia today to learn more about Atlanta mental health PHP options.

What is a PHP Mental Health Atlanta Program?

Partial hospitalization is a level of care that provides intensive mental health treatment for adults. Partial hospitalization is often used as an alternative to inpatient or residential treatment or as an addition to those forms of care.

Partial hospitalization can be helpful for people with severe and persistent mental illnesses who need help maintaining their daily lives but do not require 24-hour supervision. This step-down approach enables clients to receive the level of care they need most at any given time.

PHP programs are for individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses, such as those with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression.

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is an intensive outpatient treatment program that provides patients access to the same kinds of services they might receive in a hospital setting. Patients attend these programs during daytime hours while continuing to live at home or in an apartment.

Partial hospitalization can help patients gain skills needed for coping with their illness while also providing support from trained professionals who can assist them outside the program’s walls.

Our Atlanta mental health PHP offers a structured program for several hours daily. Contact Time Wellness Georgia today to see if PHP is right for you.

The Partial Day Program at Time Wellness Georgia

What to Expect from a PHP Program in Atlanta

When looking for a partial hospitalization program in Atlanta, Time Wellness is here to help.

This type of treatment program provides counseling, education, rehabilitation, and support to clients with mental illness who are not able to function safely at home or in their community. The purpose of a partial hospitalization program is to help you improve your mental health enough that you can transition into the lower levels of care, like intensive outpatient or traditional outpatient.

You’ll attend group therapy sessions and participate in activities designed to help build your skills and confidence while learning how to manage your symptoms effectively in the community. Group therapy allows you to connect with other people who are experiencing similar struggles. This can be helpful because it helps you feel less alone and learn from others’ experiences. Group members often encourage each other as they work toward common goals–for example, reducing anxiety or improving sleep habits. This can make it easier for participants to take steps toward recovery when they might otherwise feel discouraged by setbacks along the way.

Our PHP for mental health involves a variety of therapeutic techniques. At our Atlanta mental health facility, you can expect to participate in cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and group and holistic therapies. Our dialectical behavioral therapy teaches you to better control your emotions and improve your self-esteem and your communication.

We also provide opportunities to engage in alternative methods like yoga, music, and art therapy. These group activities complement the individual therapy sessions you have and are spread out throughout your daily schedule.

Time Wellness Georgia mental health team can help. Contact us today to start your evaluation!

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Our Atlanta Programs

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Centrally Located

Our facility in Brookhaven is the perfect location for residents of the metro Atlanta area.

Commuter Program
Our commuter program was designed for those who have to manage life’s daily obligations alongside mental health treatment.
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What to Expect When Entering Treatment

How a Mental Health Partial Day Program Can Help You Find Stability

It’s important to know your personal options for treatment when seeking help at our PHP mental health Atlanta program.

PHP mental health treatment in Atlanta is designed for:

  • People whose mental health is significantly impacting their daily lives, including their ability to perform at work or school
  • Those who may pose a risk of reckless or dangerous behavior
  • Those who do have a safe place to return to after sessions
  • Those who need intensive hours of treatment most days per week
  • Those who have successfully completed a residential program and are looking to gradually step down during their continuing care

Don’t wait to reach out for help. Time Wellness Georgia offers free consultations for those seeking mental health treatment in Atlanta. Our caring staff is standing by ready to help.

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Mental Health Treatment in Georgia

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What We Treat

What Disorders Require Treatment?

PHP mental health treatment in Atlanta can be used to treat a variety of mental health disorders:

Depression is a significant issue, impacting over 7% of the U.S. adult population. The symptoms associated with depression can vary heavily based on the individual, from mild symptoms of sadness and fatigue, to consistent thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

While most people suffering from depression are generally okay to be treated through less intensive programs, anyone deemed a threat to themselves due to depression should be immediately entered into a residential or PHP mental health program.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a severe mental health condition defined by extended periods of “highs” and “lows” or manic and depressive episodes. A depressive episode presents the symptoms of clinical depression, usually lasting at least two weeks, including fatigue, loss of interest in activities, self-isolation, and feelings of sadness or hopelessness. A manic episode is defined by an increased sense of energy, feeling a lack of need to sleep or eat, and is usually accompanied by a change in behavior, including a willingness to engage in risky or dangerous acts.

There are two types of bipolar, Bipolar I and Bipolar II, diagnosed based on the severity of the symptoms associated with the manic episodes. While those with less severe Bipolar II are usually okay to be treated with medication and traditional outpatient, clients starting treatment for Bipolar I may require PHP treatment due to the dangerous behaviors involved during a manic episode.

These are just some of the mental health conditions we treat at Time Wellness Atlanta. For a full list click here. To contact us today, call us at (423) 413-6195.

Mood Disorders

What We Treat

Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression, Dysthymia

Anxiety Disorders

What We Treat

Panic Disorder, PTSD, Obsessive Compulsive

Thought Disorders

What We Treat
Schizophrenia, Perseveration, Blocking

Co-Occurring Disorders

What We Treat
Sex & Love, Gambling, Shopping
Let Us Help You Yake Care of Your Most Valuable Asset: You.

A Partial Hospitalization Program in Atlanta That Care About The Outcomes

At Time Wellness Georgia, we understand that each client is different.

Mental health disorders can manifest with various symptoms, each varying in intensity. Similarly, mental health disorders can be caused by genetics, environment, or trauma. That is why our initial evaluation serves an important role in cultivating a personalized treatment plan.

Our program at Time Wellness Georgia is customized to meet the individual needs, circumstances, and goals of every client. We are able to give each of our clients individualized therapy, attentive care, and one-on-one attention thanks to our intimate therapeutic environment. Depending on the needs of your loved one, we utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches.

Time Wellness can help you find the best treatment plan today. Get started with a free consultation, contact us today!

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