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Discover the variety of mental health conditions treated through the programs at Time Wellness Georgia in Atlanta.

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Mental Health Conditions We Treat in Atlanta

We address the underlying causes of mental health symptoms to secure lasting solutions.

If you’re facing challenges with a mental health disorder, seeking professional help is crucial. These disorders can vary widely in intensity—from mild to severe—and if they’re impacting your daily life or relationships, it’s important to take action. In Atlanta, GA, our approach to mental health treatment encompasses life skills, coping strategies, therapy, and, when necessary, medication.

Without appropriate intervention, mental health issues can escalate, deteriorating from mild to severe. It’s also common to experience multiple mental health disorders simultaneously, such as depression coupled with anxiety. Untreated, there’s a heightened risk of turning to drugs and alcohol for relief.

Reach out to Time Wellness Georgia to discover how we can assist you in managing your symptoms and improving your quality of life.

What to Expect During Mental Health Treatment in Georgia

During mental health treatment in Atlanta, you can expect a personalized approach that may include both medication and therapy tailored to your specific needs. Medication plays a key role in many treatment plans, especially for long-term management of conditions like ADHD and bipolar disorder, as well as for acute symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders, such as panic attacks.

Integrating medication with therapy often yields the best outcomes. The therapy you receive will depend on your unique challenges and may encompass cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and holistic treatments like yoga, music therapy, and art therapy.

Time Wellness Georgia in Atlanta is dedicated to providing more information and support for your mental health therapy journey.

Addressing Causes, Crafting Solutions

What We Treat


Alleviate the burden of depression and Receive personalized support at our specialized treatment center in Atlanta

Anxiety Disorders 

Discover tranquility and acquire strategies to navigate anxiety at Time Wellness Atlanta, a premier provider of behavioral health in Georgia.

Bipolar Disorder

Restore equilibrium with our dedicated bipolar disorder treatments, available at one of Georgia’s esteemed mental health facilities.


Regain your identity and embrace cutting-edge care with our advanced therapeutic approaches in schizophrenia treatment.

Trauma and PTSD 

Renew your sense of security and confidence through personalized care for trauma and PTSD at Time Wellness Atlanta.

Personality Disorder

Develop a resilient, more adaptive self with our custom personality disorder treatments at our mental health clinic in Georgia.


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Untreated mental health disorders significantly impact numerous Americans, with many not receiving the support they need due to stigma, accessibility, costs, or other hurdles. Time Wellness Georgia is committed to providing accessible mental health treatment solutions.

Reach out to us to begin your journey towards mental health wellness in Atlanta, GA, and explore the services offered at our various locations.

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